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  • All of our hair care products promote healing that leads to healthy hair growth. When our products are used on skin, they promote healthy cells and prevention of moisture loss. To create all custom products, we will discuss with you your hair goals, any allergies, fragrances, texture, etc. so that the product you recieve is customized to your needs.

    All custom products will come with an insert on suggested usage, and final ingredients. 
    *Note: some customized products may appear on the site* All custom processes will be noted for future purchases. 


    M.O. Customized Product

    $20.00 Regular Price
    $17.00Sale Price
    • Ingredients vary based on clients preference, allergies and hair goals. They will be disclosed on packaging. Most products will have water, pectin, calcium, shea butter or coconut oil, and various other natural ingredients.



      Note: *If any ingredients change, we will notify our email list (be sure to sign up) or create a new product.*


      Note: **If you have any (possible) allergy to our natural ingredients, please inquire with us as our products are made to order and we may be able to customize your product to exclude that ingredient. We are not responsible for allergic reactions.**

    • Unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange for hair care products. All products are made to order and some are customized, multiple rides in a hot vehicle/plane for transport is not good for the product and we wouldn't be able to re-sell it. However if you are unhappy with your hair care product please send us an email, and we will be happy to send you a new batch (with your customized tweaks) at a discounted rate.

      To complete this process, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. Email us at if you desire to start the process of having your product customized for your hair needs, or have questions about your order. 

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