Wash Day: Made Easy

Updated: Jan 31

Nail Wash Day in 30 Min!

Do you struggle with wash day? Feeling like it takes up too much time, involves too many steps, or maybe just too many products to use?

No longer do you have to block off a full day or dread the process of tending to your hair.. We have created the perfect formula to make wash day easy for you!

The formula consists of 3 parts: before the wash, during the wash, and after the wash. We will cover each part of the formula, then discuss tips to ensure a successful wash day made easy!

Before washing...

Let your hair breathe

Section your mane (before getting in the shower)

While washing...

Follow these steps on wet hair for each section, starting from the uppermost sections and moving to the lower sections.

Take down section and wet it fully

Separate the section under the water using your fingers

Detangle with a wide-tooth comb

Apply Mane Temptation Black Peppermint Cleanser to the root and scalp,

making sure the section is fully wet.

Work cleanser with fingers in from root and scalp to ends.

Use detangling brush (end to root) to ensure cleanser has time to penetrate

Rinse section while detangling

Twist section

Complete these steps for each section until completely finished

After washing...

Oil scalp with Mane Temptation "Increase" Scalp Oil (1-5 drops per section)

Apply Mane Temptation All-Natural Moisturizer (1-3 pumps per section/end

to root)

Style as desired

Take Away Tips. . .

• Letting your hair breathe beforehand is vital!

• Do this at least 30 min before, to minimize shock

• Personally, I finger detangle into a fro for a few hours before

#Procrastination (Yikes, don't judge me lol)

• Sectioning your hair is helpful!

• I prefer 4-6 sections

• This makes detangling easier & washing more manageable

• This step is what cuts the time down tremendously!

• Mane Temptation Cleanser works great as a detangler during your wash!

• This cleanser pulls toxins from your hair without stripping the moisture

So glad to be on this journey with you all, my hope is that this wash day formula and tips help to make your wash day more manageable! Feel free to watch the video on IGTV.

* If you decide to utilize the formula (or any of the tips), tag @manetemptation in your photos, videos, and let us know in the comments below!

To ensure your next wash day is made easy, use the code WashDay

to add Mane Temptation to your hair care essentials and save 10%!

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