Personal Transparency: Dreams, Growth, and a Lesson!

Okay my brothers and sisters...

Sooooo, I'm not sure where this post will lead us, but I will do my best to allow myself to be led in writing this!

Personally, I think the best thing a blog (or person writing a blog) can be is transparent (open) and HONEST!

Which means maybe, I start off this section of the blog with some of what's going/has gone on in my life? As you read through, begin to reflect on parallels in your life! I can definitely start by saying that the place that I'm in currently, is NOT the place that I started... and that the road to getting here was not smooth or what I envisioned it to be!

(and I don't expect the path forward to be either)


Had you asked me at the age of 5 what I was going to be:

  • I probably would have told you a cheerleader or athlete.

At the age of 10 (or however old Middle Schoolers are):

  • I would have told you a lawyer... until I realized everyone agreed and changed my mind to a doctor. (Because.... MINI REBEL! lol)

As I grew older, I began to dream out what my life would look like (did you? or was that just me, LOL)... and you COULD NOT tell me I wasn't going to have a huge house and billions of dollars, so that I could give back to those in need. I never understood how there are so many poor and without, when there are so many with MORE than they need.

If you asked me what my dream was, the answer would have been to help people, that sentiment has remained the same but the career and vision of how to go about achieving that goal has changed, grown and evolved over the years.


I've always excelled in things that interest me, which usually involve:

how people interact/behave,

how things work,

creating things,

and more.

Which probably stems from my Daddy's go to answer:

"search it out",

"look it up"

or "sound it out"

... basically he'd respond to my questions with answers that put the responsibility to learn into my hands, then I was to come back to him and let him know what the answer to my question was. Probably why research came so easy to me in college, but don't take that to mean college was easy (there were plenty of things they "force" into the curriculum's that are completely irrelevant to real-world application)! Every freshman has the revelation "I'm not smart" lol ... college is a different ball game, you teach yourself!


The biggest thing that I realized I failed at growing up, is LOVE!

Which I can share, because I know that I'm not the only one.

I wasn't the best child I could've been,

I wasn't the best sister I could've been,

I wasn't the best friend I could've been,

I wasn't the best me I could've been,

My tolerance was low, my communication was limited, my words weren't careful, and my patience was virtually non existent!

Because I didn't understand love.

I know now, that love is so much more than what majority of the population thinks it is... and that is why it is so difficult to "find". And, honestly ,,, I didn't even know that's what I was searching for until I found it!

I have since come into the knowledge (not by my own doing), that love is not a static thing...

it's something that requires of you,

something that grows,

it is charity (and we can discuss more about this later).

Love is something that extends to all people, and begins inside of us. It drives how we treat people, if we accept people, and how we deal with people.

I think we'll need a whole post for this, so I"ll leave it as something that requires EFFORT!


This post, is a scramble, but basically know that:

  1. I will research and seek out anything that piques my interest, so if it's discussed here know that I've sought it out!

  2. Everything I discuss will be out of love and care,

  3. I will put forth the effort to provide that which will allow us ALL to evaluate, refine and grow!

My hope is that as this blog continues, it begins to

reinforce those areas where we are strong,

strengthen those areas that may be weak,

begin to heal whatever is broken, and

break the chains that are holding us back from our full potential!

As always, I look forward to taking the journey with you!

Love, NIkki P.

(Comment Below and let me know: What was your childhood career? What was/is your life goal? What did you fail at growing up & How has that helped you? What does love look like to you? | Feel free to answer one or all of these question, but I want to hear from you even if you don't)

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