Loose Rod Set : Made Easy

Updated: Feb 20

Nail heatless curls with these helpful tips!

Do you struggle with changing the look of your hair? Nervous to add heat or tension to achieve different textures?

No longer do you have to worry about damaging your hair health to achieve a change. We have created some helpful tips for your rod set to achieve the perfect heatless curls! Here's a picture of Mane Temptation's founder, Nikki P., were her flawless heatless curls. Aren't they lovely?

In this article, we share important tips to ensure a successful rod set, as well as takedown tips, and tips on how to style to ensure a successful loose rod set made easy!

The Rod Set

For loose curls, apply rods to stretched dry hair

There are several methods that can be used to stretch your hair. Some of our faves are banding, braiding, and a low/high pony or bun!

▪ Section Hair for easier styling (optional)

1. 4-6 sections will ensure hair is properly detangled and gives a better idea of how many rods you will need.

▪ Moisturize & Oil each section

1. Apply Mane Temptation Moisturizer to each section and smooth

2. Apply Mane Temptation Oil to the ends of each section to seal moisture

3. These steps ensure that your hair takes on the form of the rod #WeWantCurls!

▪ Apply the Rods

1. Start by wrapping the ends of the divided hair around the rod while holding the rod in place.

2. Smooth hair from the root toward the rod and hold a few inches above the rod to avoid uneven tension.

3. While holding, twist and roll up toward the root. Continue working the rod upward until it's at the scalp.

4. Secure rod in place.

5. Repeat until done.

▪ Take Down

1. Apply a small amount of oil to the tips of your fingers.

2. Open rod, hold root, spiral downward to release the curl.

3. Carefully separate and fluff to your desired result.

▪ Style Options

You can wear these curls as you desire. Some of our favorites are the traditional middle part, a side part for added volume, and an up-down style. The options are ENDLESS!

Application Tips:

▪ If the hair is sectioned, start from the back/bottom to the front/top, to minimize disruption of rods

▪ If the hair is not sectioned, start from the front/top to back/bottom, to avoid the frustration of hair in the way

▪ If using various sized rods, placing smaller rods in the front sections will allow for more definition.

So glad to be on this journey with you all, my hope is that this wash day formula and tips help to make your wash day more manageable! Feel free to watch the video on YouTube or IGTV.

* If you decide to utilize the steps (or any of the tips), tag @manetemptation in your photos, videos, and let us know in the comments below!

To ensure your next Rod Set is made easy, use the code RodSet

to add Mane Temptation to your hair care essentials and save 10%!

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