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Intro: Loc Journey

Hello you all!... I know this is a blog, but I decided to start off by introducing myself and my journey in a story format...

but don't worry, we will definitely break it down and begin to explore different topics and ideas, that I've learned and am still learning through this journey.

Where do I begin... well, how about I begin with my original mindset.

I always told myself that I wouldn't get locs because TOO MANY people had them, haha but, I began seeing my brother's growth through the years and his commitment to stick with it, inspired me to finally make that decision, to loc my hair.

Looking back to when I first started my loc journey, over 6yrs ago, it was one of the best decisions I've made...

Even though I had cut my locs and start over... but, that's a story for another day.

I gained the opportunity to learn so much about myself, how to love myself, & learn the spiritual side of having locs as well, its a very beautiful thing to experience.

I have found a love for encouraging others to start their loc journey, just as the homie did for me!

So, thank you my brother, G.B, for inspiring me.. MUCH LOVE!

On February 14 2017, I made the big decision to cut my locs...

after going through a very tough break up.

That situation made me come to THE REALIZATION, that I have to change myself and my ways for the better of myself and those that I love. I actually kept my locs for 3 years after the break up, prior to cutting my locs. I just felt I couldn't let them go for some odd reason,

I call it my "Spiritual Journey" of understanding locs, and a part of the natural uplifting that comes along with the journey.

Fast forward... to about 3 months, May 20th 2017

I decided it was time to restart my loc journey. This made it possible for me to gain a really good friend Jesyca.

"WHAT UP JES! haha, that's the homie"

We've been the best of friends ever since.

Now that my locs are longer, I am teaching myself the proper way to take care of them, and learning the importance of using natural products to wash & moisturize my hair. Throughout my journey, I've come to realize that a big part of having locs is making sure you take care of them, in your own way, I know everyone does it differently.

Certain things that I do

I make sure that I sleep with my loc cap, that's a must have for me. I shampoo my hair (at least once a month), and moisturize it every other week... to keep my locs nice and hydrated.

Also if I plan on going places, such as a vacation trip, I make sure take those products with me. What I bring, depends on if my locs are swinging freely or if they're styled.

If I have them styled, I just bring my loc cap or du-rag and some spray to keep my hair hydrated through my trip.

Well... That's all I can think of for this post.

Here's to the beginning of our loc journey together. May we continue to get to know one another, learn and grow through our loc journey's together!


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