Healthy Hair Chat Pt.2

Tips for Taming Tangles with minimal hair loss

Let's get real!

Some days are not the greatest and some weeks are not the greatest. Those down times can really affect whether we show our hair some love or not!

Our hair requires maintenance to prevent "injury" and promote health & growth! But what do we do when it's time to show it some longggggg overdue LOVE & ATTENTION?!

Has your hair been in a bun for wayyy too long? (I'm guilty, lol) Or maybe you've just allowed the tangles to have their way, for WHAT.EVER. reason?

Let's Talk About It!

We all know there's more than one way to "skin a cat", "peel a potato" and care for our hair.. so while all the tips may not be for everyone, here are a few that may work for you. I will admit that I haven't tried all of them, because my preferred approach to hair is: the SIMPLER, the BETTER!

The scene has been set. Let's tackle these tangles!



It's time to let that hair down out of the bun, the pony, the braids, or whatever style you've cramped it up in! Let it out. Shake it out. Fluff it out. Scratch gently, because I know that itch is coming!



Again, my approach is simple but I have lots of tips for this step. This is where we stretch that hair out & separate the clumps. If you had the bun, you know what I mean! Remember, patience is key. Let's do it!

Finger Detangle:

- Using your fingers, start grabbing the midshaft of your hair in medium sections and gently begin pulling and stretching toward the ends.

-Gently separate the large clumps. Pull & separate at the ends first, then the midshaft, and finally the roots. Take care to pay attention to the ends as you work up.

*You can add oil to your scalp during this process, especially if dry or itchy.



Now we all know wash day differs. Check out Wash Day: Made Easy for in-depth details on how I keep wash day simple, EVERY.TIME!

To prep for wash,

- Let my hair breathe (which we've done)

- Section hair (4-8 sections)

- Finger detangle sections


Again, I'm pretty simple so the sectioning step is really one step for me. I separate a section of hair, finger detangle, twist, and move on until my whole head is done!

Optional Step:


If your hair gets tangled like mine does after a few weeks, (yes, weeks 🤦🏾‍♀️ of neglect) it's probably best to deep condition those sections to prep for your wash!

However, I know that Mane Temptation's Take Heed Cleanser doesn't strip my hair of moisture, so I usually skip this step if I haven't already prepared First Work with protein and extra oils for a deep condition.



I've already created Wash Day: Made Easy to cover this process, as well as YT & IGTV videos to show how SIMPLE wash day can be!

Make sure to work section by section to ensure ease and minimize tangles & hair loss.

Focus your cleanser on the scalp, and then work it down through the section.

Detangle with fingers, then wide tooth comb, then a detangling brush, always moving from ends up to the root!

Rinse completely and twist the sections back when complete to lock in moisture and keep out tangles!



Alright, we've made it through the tangles and are finally on the other side! It's time to moisturize our damp mane, oil our scalp, and get to styling!

Don't forget to choose a style that will limit excess manipulation throughout the week, so that we can give our hair a well-deserved break!

Sometimes life gets hard, and that's okay! Just don't forget that sometimes all that's needed to pick ourselves up is a little self-care and a reminder that everything will be okay! You've made it through hard times before, and you will make it through again!

Don't forget to comment below & let me know what type of hair routine you prefer! Simple? Complex? Daily manipulation?

There are so many ways to take care of hair, and no one way is the end-all-be-all! The most important thing is choosing products that put your hair and your health at the forefront, because nothing matters more than you!

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