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Updated: Mar 7

3 Easy Tips for Healthy Hair...

Welcome to the healthy hair chat!

For the first few parts of the series, we'll just talk about ways that you can encourage healthy hair. Just simple things, that you can incorporate into your routine to show your hair some love, and even some ideas on how to implement these changes.

Our hair goes through so many changes, in order to keep us beautiful, it's only fair that we give our hair the best care so that it can flourish! Continue reading for 3 easy tips to healthy hair (and growth!)

Give strands a break from constant styling

This can be accomplished in MANY different ways, and not every method or change will work for everyone's lifestyle! The just of the break is to give your hair a rest from the stress of a comb/brush! Could you imagine constantly being poked, prodded, rubbed, stretched, etc? Definitely would tire you out! Maybe even break you.

Our hair can get the same way.

Break Ideas

Low manipulation styles •

Protective styles •

Limiting tension styles (tight braids, ponytails, buns) •

Tying down edges (as opposed to styling daily) •

Washing 1-2x/week (as opposed to daily) •

Sleep with silk

This is such a simple way to give your hair some love, and honestly add luxury to your life! ('Cause who doesn't wanna enjoy the softness of satin/silk on their skin?!)

This tip is important because it reduces the stress and friction placed on the hair at night (while you toss & turn, lol).

Silk Dreams

• pillowcase

• sheets

• bonnets

• scarves, etc.

Keep hair hydrated!

The MOST IMPORTANT part of a healthy hair routine! Keeping your hair hydrated (and moisturized) is vital for healthy hair that grows and flourishes! See your hair as an extension of your body, it needs water too! The same as a plant has roots that need water & nutrients, the same is to be said about our hair. But don't worry, it's simple!

Always pair your conditioner/moisturizer with water.

Hydrate or Die?

Water your hair (1-3x/week, as needed) •

Use a moisturizing conditioner/styler •

(preferably with a butter/moisturizer, humectant, and emollient)

Seal in hydration (& moisture) with an oil •

Opt for a Mane Temptation Moisturizer/Oil

(which contains a butter, humectant, emollient & oil)

While it takes awhile to find what precise routine works best for your hair (and your schedule), it is easy to incorporate these 3 simple tips into your lifestyle! They are sure to get you on (or keep you on) the road to happy, healthy hair! Hair care doesn't have to be hard when you treat your hair with the same care that you should be giving yourself! You can view the chat that goes with this blog, on YouTube.

Mane Temptation makes hair care so simple, it'll feel like self-care. So don't forget to treat yourself to a few simple luxurious products, your health, and your hair will thank you later!

Comment below and let us know which of these tips best resonate with your lifestyle!

And remember, true beauty lies in healthy choices!

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