Hair Types: Explained

Alrightyyyy Brothers and Sisters! You ready to extend our journey? One of the predominate topics of this blog, will be hair! So let's kick off, with talk about HAIR TYPES !

This is a topic that I see discussed A LOT, but usually with misguided information. You Ready to Dive In? LET'S BEGIN !!

Hair Geo Types:

Hair types are actually categorized by scientist and researchers by geographical location.

There are 3 Primary Geo Types

1. African

2. Asian

3. Caucasian

While these are the 3 primary, there are other geo types, and obviously these are determined by a person's race or geographic roots (ancestry).

Now, just to clarify this does not mean that there's only one characteristic for either of these geo-types, and generalizations for each (but like always nothing is the same for every person).

Asian hair is almost always straight, where African hair is most always curly and Caucasian hair varies from straight and wavy. These properties are attributed to the characteristics of the hair fiber. Again, the properties of hair are unique for every individual but there are generalizations and differences based on ethnic/regional background.

Hair Characteristics:

Characteristics of hair are based on the actual fiber of the hair and contribute to the physical behavior of hair.

There are also 3 hair fiber characteristics

1. Diameter

2. Ellipticity

3. Curvature

Again, there are general characteristics for each of the geo-types above.

African hair has more ellipticity, more curvature of the follicle, and the diameter typically changes throughout the length of the hair fiber. Caucasian hair typically has an intermediate diameter and Asian hair fibers generally have the largest diameter with a circular follicle (attributing to straight hair). In general, Asian hair is the thickest across the geo-types

These characteristics are what determines the cosmetic and physical behavior of hair. (Think... shine, shape, thickness).

Hair Type Characteristics
Hair Types: Explained


So our follicles produce different types of hair types as well. This is just related to the different types of hair found on our body and attributes to their characteristics.

1. "Terminal" hairs - These are longer and stronger hair fibers produced by large follicles.

2. "Vellus" hair - These are smaller and weaker hair fibers produced by large follicles.

(Think... hair on your head vs hair on your face/arms)

There are also curved or crescent shaped follicles, which produce curly hair.

Our follicles are where our hair grows from, and the different parts of the follicle are crucial to hair health and appearance.

Welllll, that concludes our look into different hair types. Looking through the research, has been eye opening for me. Especially beginning to see how hair types are determined.

All the 4a-3b-2d typing, is something that has been made up to describe different types of waves and curls... when you look at the research these characteristics are unique PER PERSON.

Curly hair is curly, wavy hair is wavy, straight hair is straight. The other problem with the number/letter typing is that hair appearance can change based on the hydration/moisture and health of the hair. This is something we will take a look at in a future post! Our next stop through our hair journey will give us a look into the Anatomy and Structure of our hair, Can't Wait !

If you learned something new from this post, have something you want clarification on, or just have a question about hair, etc... Leave a comment below !

As I end this look into hair types, I'd like to know your Hair Geo-Type and Characteristic (Curly, Wavy, Straight)... does your hair fit the generalization or does it differ?

I've enjoyed the research and the beginning of our journey into Hair Types and expanding our understanding that we may obtain optimal hair health!

As always... I look forward to this journey of self evaluation & growth with you, my brothers and sisters!

Love, Nikki P.

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