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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Alrighty, last week we took a look at considerations for healthy hair growth. This week, we're going to dive into nutritional considerations for healthy hair.

Why is nutrition important?

There are many studies that show that proper nutrition is instrumental in healthy hair growth and nutritional deficiencies are often linked to hair loss.

The part of our hair that is living is found under our scalp and houses the root within the follicle. This is where hair receives its nutrients.

This makes proper nutrition a very crucial part of your hair routine, especially for individuals with health concerns such as malnutrition, heart disease, alcoholism, thyroid disease, hormonal changes, deficiencies, and more!

What does proper nutrition look like?

Most of the nutritional requirements of the follicle must be satisfied for optimal hair health.

A proper diet should contain:





Fats (appropriate amount)

What do they do?

Fatty Acids, Proteins, Vitamin B, & Iron

  • Prevent dry scalp and dull hair

Dark green veggies (high in vitamin A & C)

  • Help with sebum production & aide as a natural hair conditioner


  • Promote hair growth & great source of iron, protein, zinc, and biotin


  • Source of selenium/important for scalp health

Low Fat Dairy

  • Source of calcium which is key for hair growth


  • Activates enzymes that aid in metabolism of nutrients

  • Found in cereal-grains, liver, egg yolks, soy flour, and yeast

As you can see,

incorporating a variety of foods into your diet

is necessary for healthy hair (and scalp)!

Healthy hair growth is dependent on this variety of nutrients (as well as a good oxygen supply), changes to hair and skin can be a clue to underlying nutrient deficiencies.

Comment below and let me know what food groups and/or nutrients you rely on most for optimal healthy hair!

As always... I have enjoyed furthering our journey together. Hopefully, you have learned something that will positively impact your hair journey moving forward!


Nikki P.

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