Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Good afternoon, my brothers and sisters!

With work and school starting back up, I felt it was important to begin share a few tips for healthy hair growth on your healthy hair journey !

Let's begin!

1. Create a Consistent Routine

Having a consistent hair routine is important to determine what works for you hair and what does not.

Think baby,

or plant ,

or anything that requires attention.

When you give these things a schedule, they're able to adapt and thrive because they know what to expect and when to expect it!

Having a routine allows for you to build a foundation for your hair to depend upon for strength. Choose a routine that fits your schedule. Wash day on Saturday may not be convenient for someone who works weekends like it is for someone who is off weekends.

The next few tips will show you what to include into your foundation, so that it is strong enough to withstand the "hard-times"!

2. Quality Hair Care Products

Quality over Quantity! It is not necessary to have a super complex routine with 20,000 different products... but if you do, that's your business!

If multiple products intimidate you, or you just don't have to time to be bothered with an overload of products...know that your hair only needs a few different nutrients to really thrive (see - 5 Essential Nutrients for Your Healthy Hair Journey)!

Look for products that contain:

a protein source

an amino acid source

a lipid source

water (or a water source) - always use products on damp hair

In addition to products that contain ingredients sourcing these nutrients, ensure that ALL of your products are pH balanced for hair/skin.

One of the biggest factors to the hair are "trace inorganic elements" which have nothing to do with what we put onto our hair, but into our body (and even what we expose our hair to - pollution, drugs, etc.)

These next two tips will focus on how to ensure we're getting the best results for our hair.

3. Well balanced diet (nutrition)

"What we put into our body can affect our hair health, as what we put onto our hair (and skin) can affect our body's health"

Making sure that we are consuming a variety of foods and colors is important to not only our hair health, but our overall whole body wellness!

Consuming a variety of food groups will ensure that nutrients are balanced in our body and that we are receiving what we need to help our body operate efficiently.

Grains and seeds contain SEVERAL nutrients that are great for hair health, they also can be consumed and used in many different ways. You can use them for hair treatments, or add them into smoothies, oatmeal, pizza, etc.

chia, hemp and flax seeds are great & nutrient packed

beans, brown rice, oats, brazil nuts, hazel nuts are also great additions to your diet

Other elements to incorporate into your diet (if you haven't) are...

Water ! (Aloe Vera, Sea Moss Gel)

Vitamins (zinc, magnesium, multi. sea moss)

Fats (avocado, full fat coconut milk, hemp milk)


Veggies (yams and sweet potatoes have great nutrients)

One of my favorite accounts to follow is @SeamossShaunyy for health tips and benefits of different foods!

4. Protection (Styles, Sleep, Stress)

A reminder, or a few, that we must "be mindful of different factors that can add stress on your hair."

The last tip relates to overall protection of your hair!

While a quick, careful, dry with a cotton towel after washing may not be overly harmful, laying on a cotton pillowcase all night can definitely dry your hair out and cause tangling.

Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase or even wearing a silk/satin bonnet (or scarf) can help your hair retain its precious moisture (and oils).

Introducing heat or excess manipulation through the week can also add extra stress to your strands.

Choosing heat-less styles and protective (or low manipulation) styles, can drastically reduce the amount of stress on your hair and lead to length retention.

Our hair is introduced to many things throughout the days, keeping a consistent wash day based on your hair type, (see - hair types: explained), will ensure that the stress from day to day air pollution, dirt, etc. is cleansed from your hair and that your scalp remains healthy!

Well, that brings us to the end this look into some considerations and hair care tips for healthy hair growth.

Was there a consideration or tip that you found to be most helpful or do you have any questions?

Comment below and let me know !

As always... I have enjoyed furthering our journey together. Hopefully, you have learned something that will positively impact your hair journey moving forward!


Nikki P.

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