Buns : Made Easy

Nail every bun with these helpful tips!

Do you struggle with creating new styles? Tired of the same old messy bun? Maybe you just can't figure out how to make your hair last until wash day?

Throw out all your hairstyle frustrations, no longer do you have to worry about how to make your curls last longer. We have created some helpful tips to achieve the perfect buns!

In this article, we share techniques to ensure a beautiful bun each and every time, as well as a few of the different types of buns you can create. When buns become easy, the possibilities between wash day are endless! Let's get to it...

The Techniques

The Wrap Around:

  1. Put hair into a ponytail

  2. Wrap the hair around the ponytail into a bun

  3. Fluff it out

The roll under

  1. Put hair into a ponytail

  2. Roll the hair under itself into a swiss roll shape

  3. Pull the roll outwards at the sides to lengthen

  4. Connect the ends at the back to create a bun

The Twist Around

  1. Put the hair into a ponytail

  2. Twist the ponytail to the end

  3. Wrap the twist into a bun

  4. Loosen the twists into a uniformed curly looking bun

The Pull-Through

  1. Apply the ponytail holder

  2. Pull the hair partially through to create a bun

  3. Fluff/Shape the bun(s) the way you want

Buns are a great way to change your hair style and hold you over until wash day.

To take your buns to the NEXT LEVEL, you can always add embellishments.

Such as: pulling curls out, adding gold clips, pearl or diamond

clamps, colored bobby pins, or other accessories!

The Buns

Top Bun

  1. Separate the hair for the bun*

  2. Secure the bottom so that it does not get in the way

  3. Choose your technique to create your top bun**

*The key to the top bun is to leave enough hair out on the sides to get a nice curl

**I prefer the wrap around, or roll under method for my top bun

Space Buns

  1. Separate the hair in half, to create two sections

  2. Choose the height & your technique to create your space buns*

  3. Shape your space buns to make them similar

  4. Lay your hair down with a scarf to ensure smooth edges

*You can wear them high or low. I prefer the twist around or pull through method for my space buns

Side Bun

(can be used for formal occasions)

  1. Dampen hair

  2. Part & move hair over to the side you'd like your bun

  3. Separate top area into manageable sections to slick down top and sides

  4. Smooth the hair into a ponytail, using your preferred technique for the bun

  5. Fluff out and shape as desired for a nice large side bun

  6. Pull out curls by the ear or opposite side of the bun to enhance the look

If your hair is in need of moisture be sure to dampen

your hair and apply your Mane Temptation Oil to your scalp.

You can also apply your Mane Temptation Moisturizer to damp hair

during styling, if you find your styles need more definition or life.

So glad to be on this journey with you all, my hope is that these bun techniques and styles help to make the time between wash day more manageable! Feel free to watch the video on YouTube or IGTV.

* If you decide to utilize the steps (or any of the tips), tag @manetemptation in your photos, videos, and let us know in the comments below!

To ensure your next Rod Set is made easy, use the code Buns

to add Mane Temptation to your hair care essentials and save 10%!

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