Antoinette Lifestyle: Introduction

Welcome Brothers and Sisters,

I look forward to beginning this journey of self-reflection and evaluation with you, that we might learn together and begin to achieve the lifestyle that we desire.

While this introduction will describe the reader of the blog as a woman, ANTOINETTE, the name is derived from the male name ANTOINE/ANTHONY and we welcome all readers to enjoy the content.

ANTOINETTE means flower/grace, priceless, and praise-worthy.

She is one who is taking the world by force, not allowing it to over take her.

One who is not defined by the boxes others wish to place her in, instead striving to destroy the limits placed on her.

She may (at some point) try to fit in, but will ALWAYS stand out!

She is searching for meaning, and sees the beauty of the world in even the simplest things (such as the trees, the clouds).

She desires a peace in her life that cannot be stolen, a love in her life that will not fade, a joy that radiates but never dims, and a hope in her life that yields result.

She loves people and being social, but finds no joy in the traditions of "the fast life" (bars and clubs don't fascinate her, although she may tolerate it).

She is drawn to intimate social settings (fine dining, home cooked meals with friends), reading, art exhibitions, sitting by fountain, travel... the fine simplicities of life.

She is a student of life, and has always asked the questions that seem to have no answers.

This blog will encompass many topics, that make up a person's lifestyle), with the goal to give light to the search and begin to answer the questions that seemed to have had no answers for so long! Again, I look forward to this journey of self evaluation & growth with you, my brothers and sisters!

Love, Nikki P.

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